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Brand Reps


Thank you for your interest in our Brand Rep Program!

Our reps proudly help spread the word about the lifestyle brand for living the good life! Yippee for Haley and the Hound!

Do you want to earn free Haley and the Hound gear? Our reps receive business cards, stickers, koozies, clothing, and more for helping promote Haley and the Hound to new customers. The more orders a brand rep creates, the more free gear they receive! It’s as simple as giving away stickers, wearing great clothing, and posting about Haley and the Hound on social media! 


How It Works & What's in it for You!

College reps:

You will be assigned an unique promo code that your customers will use at checkout. For the first 3 months, you will receive business cards for your promo code.  Each 3 months you will get a shipment containing a tee shirt, stickers, and koozies.  However, you will need to generate 15 orders in the first 3 months to continue to receive your shipments. After the first 3 months, you need 10 orders per month to continue to receive shipments. Shipments will vary in product, from tees to tunics to stationery, etc. For every 50 order referrals, you will receive a $100 gift card!

Women's Reps:

You will have the same scenario as the College Reps above, however your shipments will vary with tee shirts, stationery, etc. -- items pertaining more to your lifestyle :)


Contact us for more information or apply now below!  


NOTE: You must first click on the appropriate link below, then download the file.  Open the downloaded file in Adobe Reader or Acrobat and fill in your information.  Then you will be able to save your filled-in.

Please email completed form to

All reps must be at least 18 years of age!

Haley and the Hound Student Brand Rep Application   Haley and the Hound Women's Brand Rep Application

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