My beloved dog Haley has the good life all figured out – chasing tennis balls, going for a car ride (with windows down, please), napping on the couch and sneaking the occasional human lunch off the counter. Her days are blissful and her happiness never ends. If dogs could smile, Haley would have a perpetual grin.
We all need to live with the same love of life as Haley – doing those things that define “the good life” for each of us. Is it days filled with sand, saltwater and boats? Or perhaps time spent shopping with friends or being part of a warm and welcoming social gathering? Maybe it’s precious hours spent playing and laughing with your child, or a quiet evening with the man you love? Is it time spent building your career or volunteering your time and talents to help others?
However you define your own “good life,” Haley And The Hound provides the versatile, comfortable and stylish apparel to live it with confidence and ease. I design my clothing to fit my busy life, and I’m sure it will fit yours as well.

Booth Parker

Business Owner, Wife, Mother and Dog Lover