Sun Protection!

The other day I was in the kitchen getting supper ready and my husband was watching the comedian Jim Gaffigan on Netflix. He was making fun of himself for having skin that easily burns and then made some jokes about him and his kids swimming in the pool in a long sleeve shirt. It made me think about how my son has grown up wearing “sun shirts” to the beach and pool even though he isn’t fair skinned. It is the norm now to protect ourselves from the sun. But that wasn’t the case when I was a kid. I am olive skinned so my mom just threw me outside and didn’t worry. The only time I have ever sun burned was on my honeymoon. We were married in March so my skin had gone all winter without sun exposure and then was just thrown into the Caribbean sun! What an opportune time to be in so much pain all over that you don’t want anyone within a 3 foot radius of you! LOL!

That experience made me realize just how painful sunburn can be but it also made me want to protect myself more. Nowadays, I am wearing my long sleeve sun shirts for the majority of the day when out on the boat or at the beach. My husband and son wear them too. The only question about wearing sun shirts now, is which one is your favorite?


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Susan Stevenson

Susan Stevenson

At least I didn’t lock the door!??

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