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Stop and Smile

Posted on February 02 2017

Sunrises and sunsets on the Crystal Coast are beautiful year round but the clear winter skies create a stunning display of color each day. Just the other evening, I was home alone for the night so I decided I was going to pour a glass of wine and go enjoy the sunset. I started to walk down to the dock and right about the time I got there, my 5 dogs spotted me and came running. It was unseasonably warm so I decided to open the gate so they could go for a swim. Apparently, they were not interested in a swim. My deaf hound dog, Bella, took off through the marsh and the rest of them went right behind her. (Yes, including perfect Flare who never does anything wrong) I had no choice but to go chasing after them. I couldn’t put my glass of wine down because I was worried it would get knocked over and of course it was my favorite glass! Plus, the muddy marsh was seeping through my sneakers. I finally caught up with the dogs about 3 houses down and herded them back towards home. About the time we all got to the gate, they took off in the other direction! After about 20 minutes of this, I finally had them back in the fenced yard. My feet were soaking wet and I had missed the sunset (but I had not spilled my wine)!


As I shut the gate, they all looked up at me saying, “that sure was fun mom!” There was nothing I could do but laugh. I love my dogs so much, they are family to me. I was so mad at them when I was chasing them through the mud (choice words included) but when I looked at those smiling faces and wagging tails, I felt so blessed to have them. Unconditional love. What a beautiful thing! It’s moments like these that you just have to stop and put life in perspective and smile.


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