Last weekend was my husband's 40th birthday. He isn't the type to ever want a party. He likes a quieter atmosphere. So I planned a fabulous getaway weekend to The Umstead Hotel and Spa. I was beyond excited because I have only heard great things and have never been. I had an amazing weekend planned. I made arrangements for our son to go to grandma's, the dog sitter to come stay at our home, Friday night dinner at the truly unique Angus Barn, couples spa day Saturday, and dinner Saturday night at the award winning Herons. We were both so excited for a relaxing weekend with much needed quality time. We loaded up the car and hit the road early Friday afternoon. When we were almost to Kinston, the Umstead called and said that due to weather that Herons would be closed Saturday and that the spa was planning to remain open but they couldn't guarantee it. Insert big frown of disappointment. We were bummed to say the least but you can't control Mother Nature, especially wintry conditions in NC! Once we were off the phone, my husband said "well since we are in Kinston, we might as well go to Neuse Sport Shop." For those of you not from eastern NC, this is a man's dream store!


Once we got back in the car, he said "well I guess we are going home." I paused because the dog sitter was already at the house and our son was already with grandma (and it was her birthday and she was excited to have him). I said, "let's go home and have a staycation! We can get a room in Beaufort and go have great food there too." So we started driving back east and arranged a room at the Inlet Inn. We checked in and walked across the street to Blue Moon, sat at a cozy table in the corner, had a fabulous meal, and polished off 2 (yes 2) bottles of wine. We were truly on vacation for the night. We didn't have to drive and we didn't have to take care of anything! We went back to the hotel, watched a movie, and slept in Saturday morning. Somehow we woke up starving so we went back across the street but this time to Beaufort Grocery and had a fantastic brunch with mimosas and bloody Mary's. However, it was cold and the weather was looking bad so we decided we would head on home in case the roads got bad.


The house was eerily quiet without our son there. I knew he talked a lot but it was surreal. We vowed we would not work that afternoon so we proceeded to watch movie after movie that we had been wanting to watch that wasn't child appropriate. Everything from Wedding Crashers to The Game. Sunday morning we had quiet coffee together then decided we would still make church. I checked the local news and didn't see any road closures so off we went. We pulled up to an empty parking lot, not a car in sight. We both giggled and decided we would just go eat once more! Off to Cox's we went for omelettes and biscuits and gravy.


Our son arrived home shortly thereafter and we had a nice Sunday afternoon together. Our weekend was definitely not what we had expected and it wasn't The Umstead Spa but we still had a fabulous weekend: it was relaxing and we had time to reconnect. I am so glad we chose not to come straight home and do work and chores all weekend. Mother Nature may have thrown us lemons, but we certainly made lemonade!



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