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Posted on June 24 2017

This morning, I took my son to school then headed to SC for the night. I recently became a grandma. Well to a horse that is. My beloved horse Stella had a baby a couple weeks ago. I was dying to meet the little fella! So, I made arrangements to go to SC for the night to meet him. As soon as I arrived in SC, I somehow managed to kill my new phone. Not just bruise it, kill it. It was about 11:00 in the morning and that phone was to be my lifeline until I returned home. I am not going to lie, I was a bit panicked. What was I going to do? My phone is my sole (or soul) source of communication, it was going to guide me to the farm (out in the middle of nowhere) to meet the little colt, it was going to tell me what time the afternoon thunderstorms were going to arrive, and it was going to keep me fully connected to family, work, and friends my entire trip via text, email, and social media.


I stopped by the Verizon store and the only response was “we have no idea what you have done but it is under warranty and we will overnight you a new phone.” While I was happy to hear that, my timeframe for arriving home was a super long time away! Almost 30 hours! OMG how was I going to survive that long without a phone? I was still in panic mode! I had a friend who knew the directions to the farm and she wrote them on a sticky note. Guess what? I found it!! I made it and I got to love on sweet Stella and her baby Teak. The sad part is, I couldn’t take any pictures myself. That is truly the heart breaking part of this story. When I got back in the car, out of habit, I immediately grabbed my phone to check it. Ha ha ha it said! So, on I drove to the hotel. I arrived earlier than I thought I would (maybe because I had not been distracted all day). The storms weren’t here yet so I changed and went for a run. It was a quiet run since I didn’t have a phone to play music. I just enjoyed the scenery (and Hitchcock Woods in Aiken SC does not disappointment, especially if you like horses). Would I have noticed all the beautiful homes if I had been focused on a song? Maybe (probably) not. Plus, despite the rumbles of thunder in the distance, I beat the rain!


After a quick shower, I went to the hotel bar and ordered supper and a glass of wine. They had wifi so I sat with my laptop and sent an email out letting co-workers know about my phone. (I was very worried that I may have let someone down by not responding immediately.) I then proceeded to check my work emails for the day. The most pressing email was one for a large shipment that needed some answers before it could ship out. Other than that, everything else was okay being answered that evening and the shipment is still on schedule! Yay! I was so relieved! After I responded to my business social media messages, I closed my laptop and enjoyed my supper. I have lived for years in the mindset that everything has to be responded to urgently: calls, texts, emails, social media messages, etc. Society has conditioned us to hurry hurry hurry. Even though I was by myself, I enjoyed the stillness of supper without the constant distraction of ding ding ding. My husband called the hotel and they connected him to my room and we talked “old school style.” We were still able to talk and all was fine.


Waking up without a phone to check was an experience! It was quiet and it was slow while I sipped my coffee, got dressed, and packed my bag up. The trip home was also very quiet and it left me so much undistracted time with my thoughts to truly just be and reflect on all aspects of my life. What I learned was that, even without my phone, nothing changed for the things in my life that are important to me. I was still able to talk to my husband and son, I was still able to get work done, and I was able to clear my head and gather my thoughts. Maybe it should be a challenge. Turn your phone off for two days and live life. I promise you will be surprised how many times you find yourself reaching for it but it isn’t there. Now the question is, will I be excited or sad when FedEx delivers my replacement?


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