A Dog's Life

I woke up this morning about 3 am because I was uncomfortable. I quickly realized it was because Flare (our yellow lab) was sprawled across the bed on her back, paws straight up in the air, enjoying the cool breeze from the ceiling fan above. Of course I didn’t want to disturb her so I contorted myself and went back to sleep. When I awoke for my day I went about my usual routine of letting the dogs out and then proceeding to cook breakfast and pack lunch boxes. Flare always comes right back in to keep me company and I proceed to talk to her in my cutesy voice and give her lunch meat and completely dote on her. As I get dressed for the day, she lies on my rug in front of the vanity so I always have to stand funny to reach things because after all, how in the world could I disturb her?


Flare goes to the office with me and we all continue the doting throughout the day. She wanders from me to Kayla to Lauren to Sabrina then greets the UPS man and just continues to bring a smile to everyone’s face with her happy wiggle and the occasional smack of her paw if you stop rubbing her head. No matter how stressful a day can be, I always find myself talking to her in my cutesy voice and my frustration never exudes onto her. In the afternoon, Flare and I do the post office run and go pick up my son from school. She loves waiting in the pick-up line with her head out the window and her tail just a wagging until her favorite little buddy hops in and then his doting on her begins. They get home and go play outside together and truly live the statement “a boy and his dog” to the fullest.


Once my husband gets home, it is now his turn to dote on her. My husband has had some stressful workdays lately but his tone always changes when Flare comes wagging and wiggling to greet him. Her presence changes his mood and lightens his stress. She continues to hang out with the family all night (and of course get doted on some more) and then once it is bed time she follows us up and claims her space in the bed. If she is really tired, I will pick her up so that she doesn’t have to jump up. Then, the cycle starts all over again!


Why is it that the love of a dog can bring so much joy to our lives? I have stopped on many an occasion and contemplated this. Sometimes I think it is because they exude the very qualities we want to see in ourselves and others. Unconditional love, pure joy, patience, a positive attitude, welcoming, sharing enthusiasm, and even sharing sadness. They are always happy to be with us and, at least for me, their presence always uplifts my spirits, calms my anxiety, and changes my perspective on everything to a positive one. So, start wagging your tail and begin living a dog’s life (minus the constant doting)!


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I loved this! It could be a description of my day with our dog, Daisy. Everyone stops what they’re doing to love on her. I saw your ad in Our State, pulled up your site, ordered a dress and now I’m enjoying your blog. You’ve got a new fan!

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