Beach Essentials and Sun Protection Tips

Spring has officially arrived and we’re eager to make our way outside as we prepare for summer and trips to the beach. But first, we need to prepare our skin for its first solar debut. Below are three tips to protecting your skin during spring break and summer while avoiding that dreaded and harmful first burn.

SPF shirts

Wear sunscreen and pick the right one.

Not only is sunscreen great for protecting your skin from painful sunburns but it also keeps your skin looking young. The Sun Protection Factor or SPF should be at least 30 but 50 is best. Remember, the higher the better. When reading the labels look for “Broad Spectrum” in the same size and lettering as your SPF and choose one that is “Very Water Resistant” or “Water Resistant.” Plus, there are sunscreens for different skin types and different parts of your body. For example, gels are used for areas with more hair like your scalp and trunk. Creams are used for dry skin, along with others for faces. You can use an ultra sheer sunscreen with silica, which has been added to decrease oiliness, and sports styled lotions can also be used to decrease oiliness. Use stick sunscreens for sensitive areas like your lips, nose and around your eyes. No matter what sunscreen you choose, always apply liberally 15 minutes before you head out and re-apply every hour when outdoors especially if you get wet or sweat.

New sunglasses aren’t just the perfect spring accessory.

Most people neglect their eyes when it comes to sun protection yet the eyes are very important. Eyes get sunburned too, especially when sun reflects off the water or snow. Eyelid cancers, cataracts, macular degeneration and sunburned cornea are a few reasons why sunglasses are an important spring and summer accessory. In addition to using a sunscreen around your eyes and eyelids, pick the right pair of sunglasses. UV-blocking glasses are the best form of sun protection for your eyes, and they don’t just come in the form of sunglasses. They should block 99% to 100% of UVA and UVB rays and 75% to 90% of visible light, says the American Optometric Association. If you wear prescription glasses, choose clear lenses that block nearly 100% of UV and blue light, and transition lenses that darken in response to sunlight usually come with UV protection. If you enjoy being out on the water, polarized sunglasses reduce glare for added protection, especially while boating. Look for a fit that is close to the face and wraps at least partially around the sides, as peripheral sunlight can still cause sunburn in the cornea.

SPF Shirts

Wear Protective Clothing That Is SPF rated.

All fabrics disrupt UV radiation to some degree but certain fabrics fair better than others and offer actual sun protection. According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States and many skin care experts believe clothing shields skin more effectively from UV light than sunscreen. Key reasons: Many of us often apply sunscreen lotions too thinly, giving our skin less protection than the sunscreen's available SPF rating, and we neglect to reapply it. A fabric's ability to disrupt UV radiation is usually reduced when wet and wetness may cause a 30% to 50% reduction in a fabric's UPF rating. When choosing clothing that serves as sun protection make sure it is comfortable so you’re more likely to use it. It also helps if the clothing is comfortable when wet. Haley and the Hound carries SPF shirts that will help guard your skin against harmful UV rays and further keep your skin safe from sunburn. Plus, they are fun, fashionable and comfortable to wear ensuring that you and your loved ones stay safe in the spring and summer sun.

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