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Take Note – Stylish Stationery Is Back In Style

Posted on March 17 2016

What ever happened to writing? It’s so easy to text someone or post to Facebook and experience the instant gratification of quick communication, but we had a crazy idea - what if we made snail mail cool again? Or, what if you made journaling part of your daily routine? Here are five reasons you should break out a pen and paper and start writing the old fashioned way again.

Haley and the Hound Stationery

The Element of Surprise - Does your heart skip a beat when you notice that there’s something a little more special than coupons and bills in your mailbox? Don’t wait until your best friend’s birthday, write a “Thinking of You” note and make their day. Using our stationery makes it possible to leave sweet notes around the house for your better half to see where they least expect it. 

Southern Hospitality – Like your mother told you, it’s good manners to follow up with a thank you note, whether you received a special gift or just nailed a job interview. Not to mention, writing a memo at work or a family to-do list on a stylish memo pad is the epitome of Southern style. 

Create a Keepsake - There’s something about a piece of beautiful stationery that makes you just want to hold onto a pretty piece of paper forever. Think of the memories you’ll be able to share with your kids in the future by passing down your full journals and stashed away love letters, or those cherished recipes from Grandma. 

Put Your Heart Into It - When it comes to putting pen to paper, we all tend to put a little more heart into our words than when we’re sending a quick text. Journaling can also help relieve stress and clarify your thoughts and feelings. 

Cute Stationery - What better excuse to write a letter to a friend or family member across the way than Haley and the Hound’s adorable new stationery? Brighten a friend’s day or leave a note for a loved one on stylish stationery that will leave them impressed and thankful.

Haley And The Hound carries several designs ranging from preppy and faith-oriented to florals and nautical. Each note set is printed on elegant white cardstock made in North Carolina. Each boxed set includes 8, 10, or 12 flat cards and white envelopes that are 5 x 7” sized. Our journals are covered in our signature lab silhouette in gold foil and are 8 x 6 inches with 75 lined pages and our 100 sheets notepads are available in a variety of preppy color combinations.

When you are looking for the perfect way to send an encouraging note, jot down a grocery list, or just keep in touch with your feelings and dreams, Haley and the Hound will help you say it in style. 

Haley and the Hound Stationery

Haley And The Hound provides versatile, comfortable and stylish apparel to live in with confidence and is proudly made in the USA. Their mantra, For Living The Good Life, shows through in everything they design. To find clothes and lifestyle accessories for living the good life, visit their website at


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