Shop For A Cause – Noah’s Arks Rescue

It’s hard to believe that our sweet Sassy was once shot and left to die. By some miracle, Sassy was found by the veterinarians with Noah’s Ark Rescue, wagging her tail with hope in her eyes. The bullet had damaged the tops of her shoulder blades, but that was the least of her worries. Sassy’s insides were filled with maggots, and the vets and surgeons worked hard to clear the foreign matter from her fragile body as fast as possible, and did their best to repair the damage to her bones. 

Read Sassy’s full story here

With the help of the incredible staff, Sassy fought against the odds, beating a 5% chance of survival. Today, you would never know that this little bundle of joy had gone through so much strife in her life. Our sweet golden retriever mix runs and plays with other dogs and brings so much joy to the entire Haley & The Hound family. Everyone deserves this joy, and every dog deserves a second chance at life.

Haley and the Hound was founded to be the lifestyle brand "for living the good life," whether to you that means spending your days filled with sand, saltwater and boats, or shopping with friends and family. We only wish that every animal in the world had the opportunity to experience the good life just the same - a life filled with tennis ball chasing, treats, and couch naps.

That’s why this month, we’re giving back to Noah’s Ark Rescue with your help. All March long, 10% of all online orders will be donated to rescuing animals in need, and helping these sweet angels find homes. You can help! Shop online now then visit Noah’s Arks Rescue to find your own rescue pup!

Noah’s Arks Rescue is a 501c3 not for profit organization that supplies emergency medical and surgical care as well as rehabilitation to abused animals. This incredible organization works tirelessly to educate the public on the ethical treatment of all animals and to stop the senseless killing of the creatures we are blessed to have as pets. Shop online now, then visit to learn more about Sassy and her friends!



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