At Haley and the Hound, we love giving back! Did you know that each month we donate 10% of our website sales to the Charity of the Month? We have just wrapped up January and are dropping our check out to the International Rett Syndrome Foundation! A dear friend from high school has a daughter with Rett Syndrome and she is one amazing and devoted mom! She was the inspiration behind our January charity!

Our February charity of the month is centered around the gift of sight! When my son was just 5 days old, I found myself in an ophthalmologist's office who simply said "I don't know what that is" when looking into his right eye. We quickly had a referral to the fabulous Duke Eye Center. Fortunately, the issue wasn't a big deal unless it were to grow so a few times a year he would get a check up and at age 3 they discovered a significant sight difference between the two eyes and put him in glasses and daily eye patching. By age 8, he was completely out of glasses with fantastic vision!

Sadly, not all stories have such a happy ending. Many people, especially children, aren't able to get screenings and eye check ups. That is where Prevent Blindness NC comes into play! They are a wonderful organization that does screenings and check ups from preschoolers to adults! Every 11 minutes, someone in the United States loses their vision and many of these could have been prevented! That is the purpose behind the fantastic folks at Prevent Blindness NC!

So take your pretty peepers around our website and check out all of the fantabulous new arrivals for spring and help us support Prevent Blindness NC in their mission! Haley and the Hound is the lifestyle brand for living the good life!


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