Sundays in the South are all about family, faith, and food! Perfect for me because I love all three! Whether it’s a simple meal like shepherd’s pie or a fresh venison tenderloin (now that deer season has arrived), a good meal with my family and time to reflect on all the blessings in our lives is what my happy Sunday entails!


It feels like we are pulled in all directions these days: school, work, errands, activities, sports, etc and there is no time to just pause and enjoy it. That’s why you have to make time; whether you politely decline an invitation after a week of work travel or the kids have to choose one after school activity, we all have to make decisions that are right for our families and help create balance in our daily living. Can you imagine the wine consumption if we didn’t at least try to balance it all?


This is where my Sunday comes into play. While I am traveling sometimes on Sunday, I always try to get home in time for supper to spend time with my boys before the Monday morning craziness begins! Our summer Sundays are spent enjoying the coastal town we call home, whether it’s hanging out on the boat or going for a paddleboard adventure. The school year isn’t quite as relaxing but it always make us appreciate those awesome summer months! School year Sundays help make a less stressful week. I chop the fruits and veggies for the week to make lunch box packing a cinch. I bake biscuits and pancakes so a yummy (and non-processed) breakfast is just a quick 30 seconds in the microwave. I get clothes laid out for the week (thank you dress code for making this such an easy task).


Once all of this is ready, my list making begins. I am crazy about lists. I truly couldn’t live without them. I even insist my grocery list follows the layout of the store. That’s probably taking it a little too far but clearly I have a list obsession. I map out all I have to do each day for work and family and then start my “dream” list of things I would like to get done if time magically appears. That list usually includes everything from a pedicure to cleaning out the junk drawer. Items on that list rarely get checked off though so if anyone wants to come clean out the junk drawer, come on over.


While life is demanding and busy and often stressful, I am so thankful for the life God has blessed me with. My family fulfills my heart and I strive each day to do the best I can for them. So, savor your Sundays and make the best of the week ahead. We all want to be living the good life!!



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