Well it was back to school at the Parker household this morning. The leisurely mornings with a 7:00 am wake up have already come to an end and the annoying 5:30 alarm clock is back in full effect! My head at that time, however, was not. I don’t know about y’all but I am not a morning person! A good cup of coffee and a quick shower had me awake though and back to breakfast cooking, lunch making, and bookbag packing! Back in the groove we go!


An early start made for a productive day as I had a great meeting with Our State Magazine (there is an exciting giveaway promotion we are collaborating on for spring break) and then a great visit with one of our original retailers, Island Proper, over in Beaufort, NC. So exciting to show them a sneak peek of brand new resort samples that arrived this morning! We are PUMPED about them!! Some are making their debut at Trendz in Palm Beach this weekend and the rest at Coterie in New York in a few weeks so tell your favorite retailer to check us out!!


Well, it’s about time for me to wrap up the work day and head home to make supper and monitor homework time. If you are a little down in the dumps about summer being over, enjoy some retail therapy tonight with code SCHOOL for 20% off sitewide! And yes that includes new fall things just added!


Take care everyone! Blessings!



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