Charity of the Month: Foundation for Shackleford Horses

Here at Haley and the Hound, we pride ourselves on giving to charities around our local community. Every month we select one deserving charity to spread awareness about and support through online sales. This June, we are featuring a charity that’s particularly near and dear to our heart and home, the non-profit Foundation for Shackleford Horses.

Shackleford Horses

The Shackleford Banks is a barrier island system off the coast of Carteret County, the founding location of Haley and the Hound, and the home of our owner, Booth. Most of the pictures and inspiration for Haley and the Hound come from the beautiful landscapes in Carteret County, particularly the barrier islands.

Carteret County is home to countless barrier islands, but the Shackleford Banks are unique in the fact that wild horses, whose bloodlines date back to the 1700s, reside on the islands. The origin of these horses is mainly unknown, but it’s speculated that they swam to shore from a Spanish shipwreck around the 1700-1800s.  These horses are few in number on the island, so for scientific studies and conservation efforts, the public concern was raised for the herds, and the Foundation for Shackleford Horses was born.

The foundation’s sole mission is to protect and preserve the Shackleford Banks’ wild horses. True coastal living comes with a respect of the environment and the place one calls home, so “living the good life” can also mean, “preserving the good life.”

Donating to our June charity has never been easier or more enjoyable! Throughout June, 10% of online sales from will be donated directly to the Foundation for Shackleford Horses to continue research, expand health studies, establish a mainland reserve herd, and more. With your help, we can discover more about these herds and preserve and special piece of the Crystal Coast that we’re lucky enough to call home.

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